Our hospital’s lymphedema program focuses on alleviating the swelling that occurs in the legs, arms, face, neck, abdomen or chest when the lymphatic system does not work properly. Our program is based on a patient's needs and goals and results in reduced swelling and improved quality of life. The program also teaches the patient and family how to manage the condition, and provides follow-up care and resource referrals, as needed.

Benefits of treatment

  • Decrease limb girth, soften tissue and improve skin quality
  • Prevent open wounds, and decrease risk of infection and hospitalization
  • Improve range of motion, exercise capacity and appearance
  • Improve quality of life, reduce risk of immobility and social isolation
  • Enable independence of daily living activities and long term self-management 

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Patient Quote

The compassionate and positive staff is making his stay a positive experience as well as contributing to his recovery
Patsy L. Gruenenfelder

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