Amputation – the removal of a limb – is generally reserved as a surgical last resort, when saving a life takes precedent over saving the limb. Amputation may also be prescribed when recovery is unlikely due to damage.

Amputation can result from accident, injury or disease. For the best outcome and prognosis, a person with an amputation needs specialized help in adapting and returning to a normal life.

How rehabilitation can make a difference

Our hospital offers pre-and-post prosthetic rehabilitation tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Recovery may include all or a combination of the following:

  • Physical therapy to strengthen surviving muscles and retrain them for movement and walking
  • Occupational therapy for upper body strength and improved skills
  • Therapy specific to training for everyday prosthetic (artificial limbs) usage
  • Counseling services to help patients adjust to the emotional challenges a person with a new amputation faces
  • Prosthetist for custom fabrication, fitting and training with the patient’s custom made prosthesis

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